Thursday, May 22, 2008

World Watch Magazine

In keeping with the spot illustration theme, here are two of the three spots I created for a project assignment in my portfolio prep class this spring semester based on short articles for World Watch Magazine. None of my illustrations were selected (wha...wha...wha) for print but it was fun creating these and submitting them for possible publication. The ones that were selected were really good and very creative. I'll keep at it and maybe someday I'll get something published.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Us or Me

These spot illustrations are from a class I took spring '07, created for a snippet from a story about a runaway balloon and rescuers getting into trouble in the process of recapturing it. I didn't really like the story, too troubling. Anyway, for what it's worth I am posting these two B+W spots to show the variety of the work I've done while in school. Lots of experimenting with new media (for me) and trying to capture the essence of a story visually. Not sure this was very successful but here it is anyway. Draw on.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Felix & Koko

This is a cut paper creation of my cats Felix and Koko. I wrote a children's story involving them and plan to rework my story dummy and create more finished pieces. I am just not sure yet if I want to create the story completely in cut paper. Perhaps mixed media is how I'll go but I need to do some more experimenting in the coming weeks. There is more to the picture at top -more curtain- but my scanner isn't big enough to capture all of it. I'll post more as this one develops.